Buyer’s Guide to 2nd Amendment Hoodies & Jackets

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


The Second Amendment and the inalienable rights which it guarantees us is timeless and full of purpose. As time passes, many things fall in and out of favor (and back in again). Yet one thing remains constant: our love of freedom, safety… and the classic hoodie.


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What Is a Hoodie?

Everyone knows a hoodie must have well, a hood. But beyond that, there seems to be a vague understanding of what makes a long sleeve, cold weather garment a hoodie versus a jacket or a pullover. So, what makes a hoodie?


2nd amendment hoodies


Where to Buy 2nd Amendment Hoodies & Jackets?

At the Freedom Store® by U.S. LawShield®, you can buy 2nd Amendment clothes online. But it’s so much more than just a store! It’s a place where your values and beliefs are brought to life. Here, you’ll find a variety of men’s and women’s 2nd Amendment hoodies, jackets, and more that let you (literally) wear your passion for all things 2A on your sleeve.


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Dressing Up Your 2nd Amendment Hoodies

Gone are the days when wearing a hoodie automatically put you in the “athleisure” fashion category. Now, the modern world allows for so much more creativity and versatility in your outfits! Check out how you can include your favorite 2nd Amendment hoodie in your outfit, no matter the look you’re going for…


Standard Athleisure

Athleisure doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve. Simply pair whichever 2nd Amendment hoodie you’re feeling that day with some joggers or sweats. Be careful though, there’s a fine line between “stylish athleisure” and “lazy day in bed.”


Casual Statement

A hoodie or jacket made of higher quality fabrics, like linen or blended silk, styled with a nice pair of jeans is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Even with graphics, a hoodie of quality fabric can be just the thing to give your street casual outfit that little bit of flair it needs.



Pairing a simple, fitted hoodie or jacket with tailored pants is a great way to mix comfort and business. Cooler tones (like charcoal gray or navy) and softer fabrics will sharpen up that business casual look. Afterall, who wants to work in stiff, scratchy clothes?



Wear clothes on top of your hoodie? Yes! Layering a jacket or coat over your 2nd Amendment hoodie can elevate your look in a snap. Make sure your layers have structure, like with a denim jacket or wool peacoat, for a more refined style. Also, you’ll want your hoodie to be a thinner fabric with a slim fit to avoid looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


Do’s & Don’ts: Second Amendment Hoodies

A good hoodie can take any look from drab to fab, so here’s some basic guidelines you should follow when choosing your next 2nd Amendment layer:


  • Mesh material and purpose. If you’re dressing up your hoodie, it needs to be a material of equal class. You wouldn’t work out in a fitted, silk hoodie. And rough, over-sized cotton doesn’t pair well under a nice denim jacket.
  • Elevate with layers. Want to take your look to the next level for a snazzy night on the town? Layer your hoodie with a leather jacket!
  • Invest in timeless designs. Remember that neon, color-blocked, windowpane pattern? And that hoodie that was half denim jacket? Think about how long those trends lasted when picking out your next hoodie or jacket.
  • Style formally. No matter the material or fit, hoodies should never be worn with a suit. And for crying out loud, please do not wear them with a tux or a dress!
  • Personalize for laughs. Inside jokes are called so for a reason. More than likely, the joke will probably be offensive out of context, and will tarnish your desired look.


Follow these styling tips and you’re sure to look great in your 2nd Amendment hoodies and jackets, no matter what look you’re going for!


Not sure where to buy 2nd Amendment clothes? Check out the Freedom Store! You might find something you can’t live without…